A little museum

Ghidòli put into action an artistic unprecedented transfer. Such as medium he acts as a link with painting greats and he is able to insert some defective parts of History of Art.

So Van Gogh paints his Venice dominated by a gondolier who is a reference to his famous farmer who is sowing. But here the character's anxiety seems relieved by Venice fascination that can soften tones of the composition.

In front of the picture of Magritte you can say only "This Is an original
Magritte!". The Belgian painter certainly thought to flying gondolas, but he hadn't time to paint them. The pen stroke used to definite Bosch's charachters seems really originated by the hand of five centuries ago.

What variety of techniques and styles! From Giotto to Picasso, everyone paints Venice in his own way. This is a possible collection because in spite of the title, now it exist
and it musn't be lost!

A little museum helds in honour of Venice to celebrate a success that
great painters have given they likes it or not.

Auguste Tennon

“…Ghidòli is a first-class painter, he has got a natural gift for painting...”

“...I have spent my life surrounded by Art so, each time I meet a real great painter, I am the happiest man of the world and, as Venetian, I thank Ghidòli for choosing Venice for his wonderful works...”

Guglielmo Gigli Art Critic

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